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We provide training on all legal matters

We do the hard work, setting out facts, research and case law, the last thing you need to do is to spend time guessing what will happen in court, our targeted one-on-one training takes the guess work out of the equation leaving you fully prepared.

Get the training and information you require to succeed


We'd rather you didn't have to attend court, so too would the judges! Contact us to ascertain if mediation could work for you.

Fast, easy & convenient


There are no winners in a conflict, negotiation can be easy providing all of the parties to a conflict are willing to compromise, we help you get an edge over the other side and succeed in negotiation.

Save time & money

Litigation Support

Court can be a daunting experience, understanding the language, Court rules, procedures etc. We are on hand to provide guidance in all aspects of preparing for and attending the civil Courts.

Experience is vital when attending court, and experience is what our team has plenty of.

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