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We want you to be one in a two thousand chance to acquire a four bedroom family home in County Kildare, the catch? You need to buy one of our promotional key rings.

Each key ring will be numbered 1 to 2000, when purchased you will need to provide your name, address, contact number and email. Once the two thousand are sold, all numbers will be entered into a virtual hat and a random number selected between 1 - 2000, the person with the lucky number drawn will get the key to their new home to put on the key ring, it's that simple! 

Remember, once all the key rings are sold then thats it, no more will be offered for sale so tell your friends and family and get your key ring and possibly the key to a new mortgage and rent free life for the rest of your life.

LLI Promo Key Ring

  • You can buy your key ring and pay via PayPal using email

    Alternatively, you can use Revolut;

    IBAN - LT48 3250 0779 6564 4391

    BIC - REVOLT21

    Please include your name, address, contact number and email address. Lead time for receipt of key rings is approximately 3 weeks.

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